Before signing the lease, the landlord (or a real estate agent) may require certain documents from a future tenant, or from the person who stands as a guarantor. Most of these documents serve to define personal identity and the level of financial resources. Below you will find the list of documents a French owner is eligible to require from you before signing a rental agreement.

Please note: instead of original documents, you can provide a copy. Copies must be written or translated into French, and the figures shall be converted into euros. However, the lessor has the right to require the original documents as well.


ID card

1 valid French or foreign identity document. This might be:

  • ID card

  • passport

  • driver's license

  • residence permit

  • Resident Card

  • Or a card of national of a Member State of the EEA


Proof of address

Only one proof of address among these documents:

  • 3 latest rent receipts or, failing this, a certificate from the previous lessor

  • certificate on the honor of the host

  • certificate of election of domicile

  • latest notice of property tax or, failing that, title to the principal residence


Proof of employment status

1 or several proofs of professional situation among these documents:

  • employment or internship contract or, failing that, an attestation from the employer

  • student card or certificate of admission

  • copy of the professional card (profession)

  • copy of INSEE's identification certificate (self-employed worker)

  • extract D1 original of the register of trades of less than 3 months (craftsman)

  • K or K bis extract from the commercial register and companies under 3 months (commercial enterprises)

  • any recent document attesting professional activity (other cases)


Proof of financial resources

1 or more documents attesting your financial resources:

  • Three latest payslips

  • proof of payment of internship remuneration

  • Two latest balance sheets or, failing this, a statement of the resources issued by an accountant (non-employees)

  • proof of entitlement to benefits, pensions, social and family benefits and allowances received during the last 3 months OR proof of entitlement

  • title to real estate or last notice of property tax

  • grant award notice (scholarship student)

  • proof of income from land, life annuities or income from securities and movable capital

  • Certificate for financial help for housing aid issued by the CAF, or by the CMSA, or directly by the tenant

  • last or second last notice of taxation or non-taxation


Source: (official website of the French Government)