Planning on moving to Nice?

With Nice being one of the most diverse cities in Western Europe it is no wonder that people decide to move there. People from various cultural backgrounds can be found on every corner of the city. Nice does not disappoint when it comes to having fun being it shopping or drinking at a late-night bar. The walks on the coastline are one of the most joyful activities. Coming to Nice has never been a problematic issue. The city is located only 20 minutes from the airport.  Once you arrive in the city you can walk and within minutes you will be enjoying the beauty of the French Seaside

For people who do not know the city housing is a headache.  These are the main residential areas in Nice.

1. Saint-Roch

Saint-Roch is situated in the East of Nice, where the main transport route goes from.  You won’t fail to notice Saint-Roch train station if you walk around the area.  This part of the city is well connected by public transport. Other international touristic destination can be reached easily as well. In Saint Roch, you can find various fancy restaurants who serve French and African cuisine.  There are many facilities such as swimming pools, schools, and an amusement park. This is a great district especially for families moving in with children. The rent prices are on average for the city of Nice. Of course, for luxury apartments, you have to pay a premium. Overall this is an affordable area to live.

2. Cimiez               

The district of Cimiez is located few kilometers from the city center.  Some of the finest sights are located in this area.  Cimiez park with its relaxing landscape is one of them. Here you can enjoy the sun while talking a walk surrounded by olive trees.  Other great cultural attractions located in this area are Cimiez Nice Monastery and Musee Matisse. So, there are lots of services you can use in this area starting from the French supermarket Monoprix to Cimiez hospital and many others. Accommodation in this area is a bit more expensive than other districts. This is due to the convenience of location and the fact that many service providers are located here.  For people who like to explore cultural attractions and being close to the city center, this area is the best choice.

3. Saint Maurice

Saint Maurice district is located north of Cimiez. This area is mostly popular for workers. The city center is close, and it can be reached by foot or public transport. Accommodation here is much cheaper than the one found in Cimiez. Most of the property there are apartments. However, there are relatively less cultural attractions and amenities in proximity. This area is very suitable for people who are looking for an affordable apartment next to the sea.

4. Saint Sylvestre

This district is very popular among residents.  It is considered a great location while being in the north part of the town and on the hill of Saint-Pancrace.  Chateau Valrose or Valrose Castle can be found in the east of the district. There you can explore one of the largest and finest art collections in Europe.  The best public school Saint Silvestre school of Nice is located in this district.

At Saint Sylvestre, you can find many flats to rent within your budget limitations.

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Here are some of the most attractive parts to live in Nice.

5. The Old City

The city’s layout resembling that of a triangle has not been altered much since the 18th century.  A journey in the city feels like a mix of Italian and French. You would not fail to notice the beautiful flower markets and the narrow streets in the old town. And as we all know you have not been in Nice if you do not take time to experience the majesty of the French cuisine while dining outside and admiring the appealing aesthetics of the Architecture in the old parts of the city.

In this area, the apartments are more expensive than anywhere else in Nice. However, it is worth it if you would like to enjoy your stay in Nice to the fullest.

 6. The City Centre

The city center is popular for Place Masséna, one of the most attractive parts of Nice. The streets of the old town are wide and open.  The Italian style townhouses can be distinguished from long distance. The center hosts two main departments stores, Nice Etoile and Galleries Lafayette. In the streets that connect to the Place Massena, you can find a variety of drinking and dining opportunities.  In the city center, in addition to eating and drinking, you can satisfy you cultural interest by visiting interesting attractions such as the Museum of Contemporary Arts, the Museum of Modern Arts and the Theatre of Photography and Images. The accommodations have a  higher price meaning that one bedroom would cost on average 750€ monthly.

The city Centre

7. The Boulevard

The so-called Promenade des Anglais, named after the English aristocracy which used to spend their holidays in this district in the 19-the century, is the major boulevard in Nice. This area is frequently populated by tourists and is one of the most popular areas.  The demand for accommodation in this area is high and prices are pressured upwards. Therefore, renting an apartment here would cost you more than in other districts. However, if you do not live on a tight budget and like to enjoy life this is the right place for you.

View over Nice from Colline du Chateau by Kristoffer Trolle via Flickr CC BY 2.0.2.

8. Port District

This area is surrounded by artistically colored blocks of flats as well as white boats hanging by the seashore.  If you walk down the road you will notice many restaurants, French coffee shops and many ships which sell various crafts. This area is one of the most expensive and very demanded by the tourists. Usually, it is expected to cost around 700 € a month for a one-bedroom apartment in the port district.

Now that you got familiar with all the districts it is up to you to decide where would you prefer to live in Nice. The city itself is very beautiful and many people would be willing to move. The hustle of finding and arranging accommodation can be avoided by trusting  Liveonriviera.