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Find the latest regulations for seasonal rentals of 2019 in Nice.

Greece real estate market is recovering, stabilizing and developing steadily thanks to the Golden Visa Program.

This article helps you understand more about the real estate in Malta. It also covers some useful information for example the industry trends.

With so much competition out there, it’s vital that your property listings stand out from the crowd. Read on for our top tips on creating a great real estate listing.

A good quality property image is arguably the most important part of any property portal listing. Here is a guide for real estate agents to take the best real estate photographs to generate more leads.

Identifying the roles of a realtor, real estate agent and property broker; knowing the ideal qualities of a good agent, where to find such realtors and the questions to ask a broker.

Tips from real estate agents, property brokers and social media marketing agencies on the use of social media in the real estate industry.

Exploring the available platforms to help with social media marketing for real estate agents and important tips on how to make the best of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

All property buyers and renters in France are required to have a home insurance so this guide provides information on how to get a home insurance for expats in France.

An overview of the private health insurance policies available to expats in France, including the “mutuelle” or "top-up" and the complete insurance policies.

A review of the effect of Brexit on real estate markets across Europe highlighting the top 20 cities that serve as an alternative to London for new real estate investments.

A guide to help students get a guarantor for a long-term rental apartment in France.