Many English speaking people chose Paris as their relocating destination in comparison to the beautiful coastline of the Mediterranean sea in Places like “Cote d’Ázur” in the south of France. Do you wonder how life looks in this area? Here are some typical features.

As the American writer, Scott Fitzgerald described French Riviera as being a large playground with an azure sea where the world can go to forget and rejoice to hide its face or have its fling. The province is famous for the cities like Saint Tropez, Nice, and Cannes which are exotic in nature.

Many expats decide to move into this area where famous artists like Leonardo Dicaprio, Pablo Picasso, Aldous Huxley and other celebrities decide to spend their holidays. But why do all these people chose to move into French Riviera? Is it really something special about it?

These are some of the reasons:

1. Plenty of outdoor activities

The Mediterranean coast with its crystal clear will push you to go outdoors. There are plenty of activities you can do from surfing to rock climbing, paddle boarding and volleyball at the beach… If you are really into the wild-nature you should definitely try scuba diving. The natural water habitat is something you should not miss seeing.


2. An adjustment in working hours

Believe it or not, the shops close down here for lunchtime. They also close down for Sundays. But this happens pretty much in every small city in France. So get used to preplanning!

3. Swim between breaks

The people in France respect breaks more than people in Anglo-speaking countries. If you live on Riviera you can enjoy your breaks to the fullest. And what is better than a quick relaxing swim between the breaks? In this part of the world it is not very uncommon to see people go for a dip in the sea between the breaks. After a relaxing bath they can put their work clothes on and go back to business.

4. You don’t have to sleep through winter anymore

The is no doubt that the weather in Cote d’Azur is far better than the English weather. If you hate the cold and like to be out on a sunny weather you should definitely opt for the French Riviera. You can benefit from the mild temperatures to take a walk or stay outside. So hibernating throughout the winter is not an option in the French Riviera. A morning run or a coffee outside certainly would contribute to making your life happier. The sun there supplies an enormous amount of positivity.

Cannes beaches and Croisette


5. Walk more, drive less!

People in this area tend to drive less. The public transport is very comfy and accessible. The roads are better equipped to host more pedestrians. The 300 or more days of sunshine create the perfect setting to walk everywhere. No wonder people chose to walk more in there. Who would drive instead of walking and breathing the fresh air surrounded by palm trees and the blue sky?!It is much more different from the United States where everybody drives everywhere. The perfect location provides an easy access to other major tourist destinations in countries like Monaco and Italy.

Antibes old town

6. The French way of eating

People seem to shop and eat differently in there. More people tend to go to the local markets to benefits from the most healthy, fresh food. Open air markets are very popular in the French Riviera. They have really nice deals to. In this markets you would be able to purchase the absolute best when it comes to healthy ingredients. In cities like Nice there is a cannon reminder at noon which signalizes it is time to eat a decent lunch. But be cautious, the restaurant serve within a limited time. Wasting food is not the way to go in French Riviera. Therefore smaller but more delicious portions are served.

La Tarte Tropézienne

7. Life is simpler and more majestic

Many people that move to French Riviera would agree that life there is simpler and slower. The phase of life is much more relaxed. People like to take their time and enjoy life better in there. As it concerns efficiency things seem to run slower but it is a more pleasurable way of living. The simple life is the way to go when living in this area. People chose not to have a car and live in old historical buildings which have no elevators. Larger fast-paced cities in France like Paris are the complete opposite of the life in this part of the world. The rushing people and frowny faces are not the way to go in there.

Why is this area one of the most preferred areas in the world?

Simply for many good reasons. The sun, the food, the outdoors and much more are the main points to consider when a somebody would move to the French Riviera. This part of the world is simply blessed with many natural beauties and life there is majestic!