After deciding to move to France and start a new life maybe because of the new job you got, you choose to find a long-term rental apartment or a house. Seeing as there are apartments that meet your requirements, which you probably found on an online listing portal, you contact the house owner to discuss the rental process.

It turns out that even though the landlord is excited about renting out the house, a guarantor is required especially as you are relatively new in the country and the landlord would need assurances that the rental payments would be made as and when due.

This is quite an uncomfortable position to be in as you may be able to make the payments seeing as your finances are stable or you have a regular source of income and you may not know anyone in France who is able to provide this guarantee.

It is possible to use some of the guarantor services provided by insurance companies.These insurance companies can provide such assurances to the property owner though a solidary guarantee.

Similar to the role of an individual guarantor who is also called a surety, who accepts the responsibility of paying the rent and other charges if you (the tenant or lessee) is unable to make the payment, these companies choose to pay the rent monthly which helps you build a better credit rating profile with the property owner.

To get guarantee certificate please follow the steps below:

First step:

Once you submit your request and send all the documents needed, you will be given the certificate within 24 hours. This certificate is valid for 3 months during which time you can search for an accommodation if you are yet to find one. The guarantee certificate is free of charge.

Second step:

When you have agreed on the rent contract, the company then operates as a physical guarantor with the property owner or the real estate agency. In the event of any unpaid rent, the company continues to pay the owner.

Third step:

This is not a simple guarantor acting only as an intermediate between you and the owner. The companies can choose to take up the responsibility of paying the rent directly to the owner on a fixed date.

There are a few documents needed to complete this process such as:

  • an identity document

  • bank statements for the previous three months

  • proof of income

As long as you have the financial capacity to pay the rent, be it 400 EUR or 3500 EUR, and are able meet the requirements by providing the necessary documents, the company is able to provide a guarantee for you. This service is free until you are able to find an accommodation after which the fee of 3.5% of the rental cost is due when the rental agreement is signed.

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