Required Documents

  • The photocopy of your passport/ identity card
  • The photocopy of your last three salary slips (bulletins de salaires)
  • The photocopy of your last tax notification (avis d’imposition)
  • The employment contract (Should be permanent french employemt contract - CDI)
  • Your bank details (RIB: Relevé d’Identité Bancaire)
  • The last rent receipts of your previous rental (quittances de loyer)
  • The photocopy of your residence permit (carte de séjour), where applicable
  • Your student card or a school certificate (for students)

Your rental application will be usually accepted only if you regular income is at least equivalent to 3 times the rental amount. (If your income is lower you will be asked to have a guarantor, find more details below.)

If you do not have an income in France, or permanent (CDI) working contract, it is common practise in France that the landlords will ask for a guarantor  to cover a potential risk of non-payment of the rental or 12 months upfront payment. 

Guarantme, the French isurance company offers solution to foreign tenants to facilitate the process of getting a guarantee. This service is free until you are able to find an accommodation after which the fee of 3.5 % of the rental cost is due when the rental agreement is signed. Once you submit your request and send all the documents needed, you will be given the guarantee certificate within 24 hours. This certificate is valid for 3,5 months during which time you can search for an accommodation if you are yet to find one.

Payment terms

The keys will be handed over only after the payment of the following amounts:

- Security Deposit (returned after the period of 2 months maximum, deducted for any damages or cleaning service). The deposit must be paid on the day of signing contract.
- Current rent (full or proportional according to check in date)
- Agency fee 

Relocation fees

Relocation fees (inspection fees, file assembling and drafting of the lease, property visits) : 1 month rent

The fees and must be paid to Liveonriviera as soon as the rental agreement has been signed.

First contract extension: 50% discount on aforementioned fees

IMPORTANT: In case of cancellation, no refund will be made on the agency fees

 Cancellations must be made in writing. Apartments For Rent    Villas For Rent