The handle is an integral part of most doors. The significance of this discreet mate, which helps us many times throughout the day to visit and leave various premises, is often not even noticed by most of us. The world of handles is incredibly rich, and it is sometimes not at all easy to choose the right one. Family company Hollar that manufactures handles and has been exporting them to the whole world for over 25 years have an exceptional understanding of them. The assortment of Holar handles includes not only door fittings but also accessories – so when fittings, then altogether by Holar.

Rosette door fittings

Like in life, it is good to know what one desires, and when that is not clear, then at least to resolve what one does not want. In the case of handles, the primary choice is driven by the intention, i.e. what for is the handle needed. Rosette door fittings (round/angular/oval rosettes), chosen with respect to the house interior, suit well various households. On the contrary, older doors look better with suited shield door fittings that will cover any marks of previous door fittings.

In general, shield door fittings are mainly installed in premises where the doors are under more strain. One way, among many others, how to protect one’s property, is to install security door fittings that have a handle only from one side. It is important to bear in mind that in the case of entrance handles, left and the right side is differentiated, because the grab handle, knob or lever handle is only on one side. In the case of a door knob, it is crucial to know whether you need a fixed (non-turning) one that works like a pull handle or a turning one that works in the same way as a lever handle. Concerning a pull handle, you will be asked by the Holar specialists whether you need a double-sided or one-sided version. So take your time to think through all your priorities and answers.

Holar door handles - high-quality stainless steel

Nowadays, it is possible to manufacture handles almost of any material. The material choice of a lever handle, knob or pull handle depends on the door shield type. Interior door fittings are usually made of brass, stainless steel or various alloys. Plastic door fittings are still popular thanks to their wide color variety. Nevertheless, you cannot go wrong with stainless steel. Its main advantage is its high quality, elegant look and easy-care. Holar offers a complete assortment of door fittings of high-quality stainless steel.

Some door handles need to fit individual requirements due to their usage, e.g. in premises such as hospitals and public buildings high hygienic standards must be specially observed. So, if a hygienic handle is required, a simple one made of brass or silver with a matt surface is the right choice. Stainless steel and plastic handles offered by Holar fulfill two out of three criteria and are keenly priced and easy-care.

Holar Backplate satin steel

When choosing a suitable door handle, it is advisable to choose it according to what one intends it for. In the case of the interior, robust handles with the special surface finish and extended durability are suitable, whereas in the case of exterior, aesthetic look should also be valued. As some product designers say, everything that can be invented has already been invented, so the thing now is to find a new point of view. Over the last few years, glass has been number one material in the field of interior product design.

In Holar company, they keep abreast of the latest developments and Holar handles are made of high-quality stainless steel and Czech crystal with a high refractive index that wonderfully illuminates the interior and gives it unique deluxe atmosphere.