The Cannes Film Festival is organized every year, and this year, it will run from 17 to 28 May 2017. It is considered one of the world’s great film festivals. If you're bound to spot this famous festival, check out more here.

What is it at first?

The Cannes Film Festival is an event open to professionals and cinema enthusiasts alike. It is one of the best festivals in the world that celebrates the best in film. And thousands of fans walk down the red carpet during the film festivals. It consists of screenings, parties, sidebar events and competitions as well. That's a lot to pack into just twelve days. It will take place at the “Palais des Festivals”.

Red carpet cleaning - Palais des Festivals

What to see and do there?

This Film Festival has some unforgettable experiences to offer. You will see a lot of press running around in between screenings. You can maximize your festival experience. Besides, during this festival, you may have a bit of luck to spot films stars. For late night activities, you can try the Petite Majestic Bar, where you will be able to get cheap drink deals and satisfying.

Dress nice and hang out by the red carpet or the blue carpet, you might get lucky and be given tickets, giving you access to the festival. In truth, there are always many people who walk the red carpet with a lot of tickets, some of which they might not use, so you can ask them nicely and you might be given one.

You can indulge your love of films, even though you don't have a badge. As a matter of fact, there are some films where the public can get into. Those include the Cannes Classic film on the Plage Mace, the Cannes Cinephiles on the Pantiero and also in the Critic’s Week Section. But if you have wheels or you take a rental car in Cannes as here, it would be good to go at the Studio 13 at MJC Picaud, La Licorne, Theatre Alexandre lll and the Cinema Raimu in Ranguin. A selection of films from the Festival is shown there.

Apart from all of that, you can spot stars that fill the harbour on super yachts, of course. Also, you can trot from the Festival Palace that will lead you to the pleasure port, and onto the Suquet hill. Additionally, after a super successful festival, you can get special souvenirs around the Cannes Film Festival grounds. Therefore, why not consider celebrating this festival for a "once in a lifetime" experience?

How do you get in?

You can buy tickets and invitations to explore many gems. First of all, online tickets are available for about 1450 USD to attend a feature premiere or to watch a screening at the Palais de Festival. If you are also looking for parties at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017, you can find a lot of tickets online. Furthermore, you can buy tickets to the Director’s Fortnight screenings just for 7€. Line up to the left of the Marriott on the side street.

On the other hand, if you don't have money for tickets or badges, there are free tickets as it has just seen above. For the film on the Mace beach, you don't need a ticket to get there. Early in the evening, just line up for a chair. But if you need free tickets, you can get some for Critics' Week. In fact, anyone can get a free ticket from 25 rue Pasteur on the side street next to the Miramar Hotel. And if you can deal with the crowds, it can be fun.

Free tickets can also be had for the Cannes Cinephiles, go on the Pantiero between 9am and 5.30pm to secure your free ticket.

Want to get free Palme d’Or screenings? Tickets for all Palme d’Or screenings will go on offer to the Hotel de Ville, but don't forget your ID, your lease and your EDF bill in order to prove your residency.