Skiing in the Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley is the smallest and most mountainous region of Italy, located in the north-west between France and Switzerland. Well-known for its majestic peaks, the highest in the Alps: Cervino and Monte Rosa, with Mont Blanc, at an altitude of 15 781 meters, being the highest mountain in Europe, the roof of the Old Continent.

Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc

One of the most famous parks in Italy — the Gran Paradiso National Park — is located in this beautiful natural setting. Here one has the opportunity of viewing animals in their natural habitat, amidst the changing vegetation of the environment — in other words, a unique opportunity!

A distinctive characteristic of the Aosta Valley is its small towns, which have maintained all their traditional typical features. These include Sarre, a town of almost 5 000 inhabitants, and Arvier, famous for the production of red wine. The popular “Enfer d’Avier” is one of the first Val d’Aosta wines to obtain D.O.C. status. There are also the best-known tourist centers of Cervinia, Pila, Gressoney, Champoluc and Courmayeur — one of the most important ski resorts in the world.

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Discover the best ski resorts of the Aosta Valley


Courmayeur is well-known among avid skiers and Alpine enthusiasts, not only in Italy but throughout Europe, as a simply awesome ski venue. Its idyllic location at the foot of Mont Blanc offers incredible skiing amidst magnificent scenery.

Courmayeur Mont Blanc by Roman Boed via CC BY 2.0

Those who are really into this dynamic sport will have the opportunity of enjoying a wide range of various activities. But don’t be deceived by the size of the little town. Courmayeur offers much more than one could ever imagine! Indeed the feature which differentiates this superb ski resort is its chic center, providing a host of activities for skiers and non-skiers alike.

Courmayeur by Raffaele sergi via Flickr CC BY 2.0

Courmayeur: How to Get There

There are many ways of reaching this surprising town. Trains depart from Italy, France and Switzerland. The last station for the Italian railway is Pré-Saint-Didier, very popular thanks to its renowned spa. French and Swiss trains travel as far as the Chamonix Mont Blanc station. Buses from both these train stations transport passengers directly to Courmayeur (run by the SAVDA bus company).

However if you prefer not to change your means of transport, or would like to save money, public transport is a great option. SAVDA, the main bus operator, is very efficient and convenient. If you prefer driving yourself, Courmayeur is easily reached by car, via the A5 highway (from Italy), the Mont Blanc Tunnel and the Gran San Bernardo Tunnel (from France and Switzerland).

Skiing in Courmayeur

There are two main ski areas in Courmayeur: Checrouit and Val Veny. Plan Checrouit is the hub of the compact area of pistes. Most pistes extend through a short ridge line. One side is south-facing and overlooks Courmayeur, the other is north-facing towards Mont Blanc. The north-facing side has the better snow and better skiing. On the other side of the ridge above Courmayeur, the slopes are gentler, but busier. However, be aware that they tend to get slushy from February onwards.


If you are really fearless and fascinated by challenges, Courmayeur won’t leave you disappointed with its fabulous off-pistes. Some examples are the Toula Glacier at an altitude of 3 450 meters with a 2 000-meter spectacular vertical descent, and the famous Vallée Blanche with an incredible length of 20 km.

Snowboarders? They love it

The ski resort of Courmayeur offers a wide range of pistes for all levels of skiers as well as snowboarders. You can also rent skis or snowboarding equipment. If you are a beginner, don’t worry, you'll have the opportunity of hiring an instructor whenever you like!

What else to do in Courmayeur

The specific feature of this resort is that you can enjoy an amazing vacation here, even if you don’t know how to put skis on your feet! Indeed Courmayeur is well known for its classy center, with a wide range of exceptional restaurants, trendy boutiques and elegant bars located in Via Roma, the heart of this beautiful little town.

Dining options

Courmayeur boasts many great restaurants specializing in traditional Italian cuisine, with amazing dishes prepared with fresh local Valdostane ingredients. Don’t miss the best restaurant in Courmayeur, the Chalet Plan Gorret hotel restaurant, located in a beautiful scenic site just 1.9 km from the town center. Today, in this famous restaurant built in the 18th century, discover all the traditional flavors of this Italian region.

If you prefer to spend an evening in the town, La Terrazza restaurant is the venue for you. Located in the attractive center, this family-owned restaurant offers typical dishes, such as Fonduta and home-made pasta, served with local Italian wines. Moreover, during the summer one can also dine on the amazing terrace.

Courmayeur by night is simply awesome! Enjoy the famous après-ski in one of the many lounge bars in town or relax with a hot chocolate after skiing in one of the scenic bars located on the ski slopes.

Summer in Courmayeur

If you want to spend time in the mountains, choose Courmayeur as the venue for your next summer vacation! With a host of indoor and outdoor activities, summer in this resort is almost as popular as winter. Try rock climbing, water sports like rafting or hiking along all the beautiful trails with breathtaking views of Mont Blanc.
Are you not so active? Don’t worry, you'll have the opportunity of a relaxing game of golf, sightseeing, or just chilling out in a spa in one of the health resorts in the area.

Lago Bleu
Summer & Italian Alps

Accommodation in Courmayeur

Discover the wide range of various types of accommodation in this ski resort! There is the option of spending a night in a charming wooden chalet in the heart of the mountains to soak up the unique ambience. But if you prefer to stay nearer the town center, Courmayeur offers many chalets and apartments to meet all your requirements.

Don’t miss the stunning views from the café terrace at the top station of the cable car. After skiing, enjoy the breathtaking landscape, while sipping good Italian coffee or a hot chocolate.

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