is an ambitious startup that aims to revolutionize the way people interact when they buy, rent or renovate their home.

The idea was born in the South of France in 2014 and launched internationally in August of 2016. We are now covering 44 countries and continuing to expand.

Our interns can make major contributions in the areas of strategy, business development and marketing. We look for innovative, positive, highly-motivated talents who share our desire to change the international real estate industry.

We offer internship opportunities in the following disciplines:

• marketing & sales
• business development
• copywriting and publicity
• social media
• content strategy

The Basics:

Internships are available year-round, last a minimum of 12 weeks with flexible working hours.

Students working with sales are paid according to the scope of their contribution. Interns receive a letter of recommendation and when the fit and opportunity are right, a job offer.

Interns should be eligible for Erasmus grant.


We are located in one of the most prestigious areas in Riga, Latvia, just a short walk to old town. Our sunny office with a terrace overlooking the river, winter garden with chill out area and genuinely friendly vibe make working here a true pleasure. You can also enjoy sauna, outside space with ping pong table and barbecue Fridays. It’s where we do some of our best work.

Remote internship is also possible. 

office area Riga
Riga office

The Internship Will Involve

  • Working on establishing Liveonriviera’s brand and profile with the media
  • Assisting in strategizing and developing integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Assisting in the creation of content for various channels, including social media, PR, blog posts
  • Establishing new partnership with real estate agencies and property owners
  • Direct marketing via phone calls, E-mail communication
  • Group creative sessions where we will bounce ideas and discuss new market opportunities

You will have the chance to run your team and develop your talents in many areas.

You will have possibility to dedicate 1-2 hours each day to your own ideas of development strategy

You will make new friends from different countries with various professional backgrounds

This internship is a right fit for university students seeking a real-world, globally-minded service experience in real estate sector.

Watch Summer internship video

To apply:

Please email with your CV, cover letter and a clear, concrete description of what you would most like to do during your internship and how would you contribute to expansion in your home country.