Buying or selling a home is a very important step, requiring a serious and thoughtful approach. In order to conclude a beneficial agreement, the seller should first of all select a competent real estate agent, because this is the person to establish the value of the object, develop an advertising strategy, and negotiate on pricing and other conditions.

Several guidelines: how to choose an agent

  • Advertising strategy

Of course, advertising is one of the important moments for making a good deal, especially given the capabilities of modern technologies. The agent should have a developed advertising strategy for the sale of each property. A good agent must skillfully use all possible modern information tools:

• A professional website of good quality, which is updated on an ongoing basis

Photos of good quality, made by a professional photographer and giving a complete picture of the object

• The object should be advertised not only on the website of the real estate agency, but also on the major portals, where, as a rule, buyers are looking for properties

• The agent must accompany the ad with an exhaustive description of the object with detailed information on the layout, area, and year of construction, as well as the peculiarities of the property and its strengths

• It is an advantage if the agent uses social media, as well as profile groups and forums


  • Awareness of the agent

A good agent should know about all current offers for sale in the area. The client has the right to ask the agent about his recent transactions and some details of these transactions. Thus, the seller will be able to see whether the agent really knows his business and can tell about all the opportunities of the market.

Even if there is complete trust between the agent and the client, it may be interesting for the seller to visit the real estate portals from time to time. It is useful to put yourself in buyer's shoes and compare your object with other similar offers on the market. If there are possible shortcomings of the announcement, the agent shall make the necessary adjustments.


  • Success Stories

The client should be convinced that his potential agent has a good reputation on the market and can be trusted. 

What is important:

• The agent's work experience on the market and feedback on sales contracts concluded with an active participation of this agent

• The way the agent or agency advertises and presents similar properties on the market

• You can also ask the agent to provide a list of his successful contracts for the last year, including contact information of the clients. One of the interesting questions may be the difference between the price announced by the agent and the final price of the transaction.

• The cost of the agent's services is undoubtedly an important factor, but it shall not be the main criterion of the search. The price of the agent's services shall be estimated depending on the time it will take to conclude an agreement, and the price for which the property will be sold.


Internationally, there are large organizations that unite realtors from different countries. They enable professionals to exchange experience and promote their services, the same time improving their skills and rising sales.

As well, there are international real estate portals that allow agents to advertise objects in different languages, gaining access to potential buyers around the world, which may be very useful for selling properties located by the sea or in other areas popular with foreigners. In addition to owners and agencies, specialists of various profiles register at such sites, providing technical support, repair services, or legal support.