How works for Professionals

How can I find a job?

  • After customers describe the work they want to accomplish in their homes, we send you a matching job request based on the skills you have listed, your postal code and your chosen area of work.
  • Each email alert includes the customer’s detailed description of the work that needs to be carried out, the city and the postal code. You can view the details of the request when you login into your account.
  • You choose which request/s you are interested in and contact the customer directly
  • After you have won and delivered some work through, your customers have the chance to rate the quality of your work, the price they paid and your communication skills. Online, ratings act as ‘word of mouth’ and they will help you building your reputation and growing your business.


Is there a cost for registering and using service?

Our service and registration are FREE. We do not charge any fee or commission. Our aim is to provide a reliable network of home service professionals and of loyal customers. What we ask you is to make our customers happy by providing a good service at a fair price. Don’t you think it is great? If you like the idea, tell your friends about and help us grow our network.

How can I register?

All home service professionals with a valid business registration and operating legally can register on our website. To join our network please fill in the registration form

To be part of, you must provide us with the following:

Business information

  •  Home service professionals/Business Name
  •  Your business address (where your business operates from)
  • Business registration number

Personal information

  • Your first and last name

Business attributes

  • Your contact details (phone number and email address)
  •  Your primary activity

I cannot find my category in the list, what I should do?

You can choose another category and describe what you do. Should you think that it would be better to add a new category, please let us know.

Job requests

How can I respond to a job request?

You should login to your account and answer customers directly from your profile. Once you reply to the customer, you will get full access to the customer’s contact information.

Can I receive a job request from several categories?

No, you can only receive a request from your main selected category. We advise you to choose the category you work the most.

Can I receive a job request that does not match my category?

Job requests are categorized by job descriptions. You will only receive requests corresponding to your chosen field of work and location.

Will I receive job requests in my email or just in my profile?

Once a job request matches your chosen field of work and location, an alert is sent to your email. You can then respond to the job request from your account.

Can I transfer a job request to a friend or an affiliate?

No. You must not share customer’s information with any third party. Your friends or affiliates may want to join, and contact our customers from their profiles once they receive a request alert.

How many companies can reply to a job request?

Customers receive up to five quotes. This means that if you want to get the job, you have to be one of the first five companies responding to the request. After the customer receives five quotes, the project will be automatically closed. This allows the customer to focus on the quotes received and to choose appropriately, rather than being inundated by quotes.

If the number of quotes has been reached, can I still provide a quote?

Yes, it is possible. If one of the five companies that picked up the request in the first place does not answer the customer within 24 hours, another home service professional will be able to respond to the job request.

Contacting Customers

How can I contact customers directly?

You can only contact customers you have received a request from. Each customer is given up to five quotes in total. If one home service professional is unable to provide a quote, the job request is passed on to another professional.

Is there a time limit to contact customers?

After picking up the job request, you have 24 hours to respond from your profile. If you do not answer within 24 hours, the request is closed for you and you cannot contact the customer any longer. The 24-hour time limit is set to reduce the number of companies that pick up requests but do not answer our customers.

Why don’t I get access to the customer’s contact information?

The first contact with the customer must be done through our website. After that, you will be able to access your prospective customer’s contact information.

You don’t get access to the customer’s contact information until you login into your profile and answer them directly. This is designed to protect our customers’ contact information.


Who can rate the work I carried out?

Your work can only be rated by customers whom you have replied to or worked for.

Where can I view my ratings?

Your ratings are public on your profile page. They are shown as stars with 1 star being poor and 5 stars being excellent - the best rating you can get. The overall rating appearing on your profile is given by the average of the ratings that you will score on the quality of work, price paid and communication skills scales as assessed by each of your customers.The more positive ratings you have, the easier it will be to get customers’ requests.

I have just joined and don’t have any ratings yet. How do I win work?

- Work on your profile, provide information about your qualifications and your references

- Contact the customer immediately after receiving an email alert

- Give a detailed quote

General advice

What is important when giving a price quote?

Fast response, fair price, quality work and good communication skills will help you getting more work. Remember this when providing a quote to a customer; overpriced service, bad customer feedback, and poor communication will affect your chances of getting this or any future work.

Want to grow your business?

Get good feedbacks from your customers. Good quality work will make your customers happy and will be the best advertising strategy for your business. Once you deliver the work commissioned to you, we will ask your customer to give us a feedback about the quality of your work. We provide transparent, genuine reviews in the language our customers choose to use. You will only receive reviews from customers who have chosen to work with you.

How to get more work?

  • Learn how to communicate
  • Remember that a low price is not always enough to succeed. Most customers stress that a good level of communication is very important when choosing a service provider.
  • Describe your business activities and the benefits of choosing you.
  • If they were not in the job request, ask your prospective customer for photos or plans of his project. Arrange site visits, get a detailed description of the work to be carried out and quote accordingly.
  •  Make it clear to your prospective customer why they should choose your service over others! Avoid short answers without any explanation about your service.
  •  It is not productive to leave your number and wait until the customer calls you back! Take the initiative to get in touch with your customers.

Your account

How do I login to my account?

To login to your account, visit home page. Click ‘Login‘ in the upper-right navigation and enter your email and password.

What if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password or need to change it for any reason, you can change your password here

How do I change/update my contact details?

To change your contact details:

1.log in into your account on

2. select ‘Account’ and ‘Edit account. From there you can edit your contact information or change your address.

How do I cancel my account?

If you wish to cancel your account, you may do so at any time by contacting us here.